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A Sustainable Harvest

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A Sustainable Harvest

Sustaining California Communities Report

Strawberry farming is responsible for elevating the quality of life throughout California’s central coast. With the best climate in the world for sustainably growing strawberries, California leads the United States and the world in strawberry production. Strawberry farming has a $3.4 billion economic impact in the regions where they grow best, creating jobs and generating revenue beyond the farm. For every farm dollar made, 97 cents is invested back into the community.

For more economic contributions of strawberry farming that sustain California communities, download the report available here.


A Sustainable Harvest

Why California?
Meet the Growers

Today – more than ever – it’s important to know where your food comes from. With more than 85 percent of the nation’s strawberries grown in California, it's very likely the strawberries you’re eating are coming to you from the Golden State. 

Learn why California strawberries are unique

For generations, California strawberry farmers have been growing delicious, wholesome strawberries. There is a deep pride and unmatched passion that exists among California's family farmers. 

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