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A Sustainable Harvest

Strawberry Salads

Because of their health benefits, flavor and overall appeal, strawberries
add vibrant color to almost any kind of salad. Not only that, they can add depth and
sweetness to enhance more traditional salad dressings.

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Strawberry Farmers

California strawberries are grown by hundreds of family farmers who are passionate about producing the sweetest and healthiest strawberries in the nation. We encourage you to learn more about where your strawberries come from!

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Safe Fruits and Veggies

 Safe Fruits and Veggies

Today’s farming practices are safer and more environmentally sound than ever before. And the U.S. produce industry has the most regulated farming practices and safety standards in the world. The Environmental Protection Agency’s current process for establishing food safety standards is rigorous and includes health considerations for infants and children as well as adults.

When it comes to California, we have more stringent standards than any other state for pesticides and their use. A rigorous process evaluates pesticides for safety and sets strict standards for how and when they are used.

Food safety is the top priority of the California strawberry industry. California strawberry farmers adhere to the most stringent standards and strive to make strawberries the safest and healthiest fruit available. The California Strawberry Commission is an internationally recognized, award-winning leader in food safety, delivering food safety training and education programs to all strawberry growers.

The farmers who grow the food you eat, live and work in the communities where they farm – so protecting the health of the people, the land and environment is the priority.

For more information, please visit the www.safefruitsandveggies.com.